Second Phase of Improvements Approved

Second Phase of Improvements Approved

On May 3rd, 2023, the State of Wisconsin Building Commission officially approved a second phase of repairs/improvements to the Milwaukee Mile racetrack.

The first phase, which started in early 2023, is addressing the most urgent safety needs prior to the return of NASCAR this August. When the second phase begins in October, the focus will continue to be on track safety features including:

  • Replacement of segmented concrete walls with reinforced concrete barrier walls.
  • Installation of additional SAFER barrier wall systems.
  • Installation of new catch fence systems.
  • Repair of the existing catch fence system with steel reinforcing posts.
  • Rehabilitating asphaltic surfaces

Work on the second phase projects should be substantially completed by June 2024, with full completion occurring ahead of events at the Milwaukee Mile that are scheduled for August 2024.

Additional Permanent Track Seating to Be Removed

As part of a separate Wisconsin State Fair Park improvement project that was approved this week, bleacher sections WW and XX outside of turn 4 will be removed prior to the 2024 race season. 

The "North Point Improvements" project will focus on upgrading the north end of Grandstand Avenue for use during the annual State Fair and non-fair events. Removal of the two bleacher sections as part of this project will allow Grandstand Avenue to be widened at a pinch point outside of the Agricultural Coliseum.  The area formerly occupied by the bleachers will be largely paved with asphalt for parking during non-fair events, which also allows flexibility in how the space is used during future race weekends.

The removal of Sections WW and XX mark the first time that permanent seating has been removed since 2016.  Section YY was removed and sold as surplus in 2016 to Crandon International Raceway, with Section ZZ having been removed several years before that.  Permanent seating capacity following the removal of the latest two sections will remain in excess of 32,000.